Personal Background

Pablo Garcia was born in California in 1961, to a Spanish father and American mother. His parents re-located to Spain (Mallorca) in 1962, so that Pablo's first language was Spanish. By the age of 5 Pablo had returned with his family to California, where he learnt English and commenced his schooling.

Pablo's goofish looks at age 6 are attributed to his eye problems, which compelled him to wear glasses of different colours....This perhaps explains his ability to simultaneously appreciate a rose-tinted optimism as well as a more pragmatic perspective...


The family moved again in 1973, this time to New Zealand, and Pablo completed his high school education at Auckland Grammar (1974-78). Despite an early passion for architecture, Pablo decided to study engineering and went on to Auckland University to this end.

A Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering was completed in 1984, and a Masters of Engineering followed (grad 1998). During the undergraduate course Pablo was recruited to manage a fuels research program funded by the government body LFTB, tasked with sponsoring alternative fuels programmes specifically to displace diesel.

This launched a 10 year career in which Pablo became an acknowledged international expert in a demanding niche field. During this period, Pablo led a number of fuels research projects around the world, travelling extensively and publishing widely.

In 1990 Pablo married Linda Copeman. Three children rapidly followed (Tui 1991, Ngaio 1992, Juan 1994). As the fuels research work was 100% offshore, the couple decided that a career change was necessary if the family was to be raised in NZ. Pablo enrolled in 1992 in Auckland's MBA program., and established the business consultancy Pablo Garcia & Company Ltd a year later. There followed a series of entrepreneurial activities through the present.




Tui,Juan & Ngaio