Skills & Methods

Management Style

I prefer an enabling approach in which I collaborate with peers and provide them with wide latitude to achieve shared goals. My team finds that I challenge pre-conceptions and formulae, while rapidly embracing efficient practices. I accelerate change while reserving energy for focus points. I am often described as visionary, challenging, demanding and stimulating.

Personality Profiles

OPQ Concept 5.2, June 1993

This profile emphasises a strong achievement orientation and competitive spirit.

Underlying optimism, high tolerance for stress and ambiguity, and toughness consistent with championing of change & new concepts. Thinking style is data rational and behavioural, with strong preferences for innovation, change and avoidance of convention or tradition.

Strong intellectual curiosity complements a high appreciation of arts and culture. Strong independence is balanced by a consultative approach to decision making.

Margerison - McCann Team Management System, Jan 92 & Aug 00

Role preferences likely to enable best contribution to high performance teams:

Primary preference "Explorer-Promoter", Secondary preferences "Creator-Innovator", "Assessor-Developer".

In a group environment I tend to be the contributor most likely to seek out and sell to others new ways of achieving results, and groups tend to rely on my creative outputs as well as on my analytical contributions.