NGV-90 (Buenos Aires, 1990)

Laboratory and Field Experience with the Development for Natural Gas, LPG and Methanol of the Mercedes OM352 Engine.

Garcia, P.: Shiells, W.

Transport Fuel Systems (NZ) Ltd

(A member of the Carter Holt Harvey Group of Companies)


The Mercedes OM352 engine has been developed for spark ignition application using various fuels.

A prototype conversion was developed in 1984, and was tested in the Bangkok municipal bus fleet. In 1987, work started to extend the development of this engine to allow specifically for conditions applying in Chile, and in 1989 two engines were participating in a multi-vehicle, multi-fuel trial in Santiago.

The continuing development of this engine type for methanol and LPG has been a feature of the programme in Chile and has been complemented by development work for the CNG engine based in New Zealand.

This paper presents extensive laboratory results arising from the optimisation of the OM352 engine to natural gas fuel, in the context of the substantial field experience already available with this spark ignited engine.