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Date AuthorsTitle & Source of Publication
Oct 91:García, Shiells "Laboratory and Field Experience with the Use of Natural Gas Fuel in Cummins NTC Series Engines"; SAE Paper No.912359, Toronto.
Oct 91:García, Li & Lunenburg " The Development of a Dedicated Knock Detection and Control System for Gas Engines"; SAE Paper No.912360, Toronto.
Oct 90:García, Shiells " Laboratory and Field Experience with the Development for Natural Gas, LPG and Methanol of the Mercedes OM352 Engine"; NGV-90 Conference, Buenos Aires.
Aug 89:García, Shiells et al. " Performance and Cyclic Variability of Natural Gas Fueled Heavy Duty Engines", SAE Paper No. 892137, Baltimore.
May 89:García "Development of Diesel Engine Conversions to Spark Ignition, with Special Emphasis on the Mercedes OM352"; Seminar, Universidad Federico Santa Maria, Viña del Mar, Valparaiso, Chile.
Oct 88:García, Shiells "Experience with the Operation of Heavy Vehicle Engines Dedicated to the Use of CNG and LPG Fuel"; NGV-88 Conference, Sydney.
Dec 87:Doell, García et al "Alternative Fuels to Diesel for the NZ Heavy Transport Fleet"; NZERDC Report P124.
July 87:García "Alternative Fuels for Heavy Transport Vehicles"; ME Thesis, Auckland University.
Oct 86:García "Static and Field Experience with the Use of Neat Methanol in a Transport Fleet"; 7th International Symposium on Alcohol Fuels, Paris.
Aug 86:García "Use of CNG, LPG and Methanol as Fuels in a Waukesha VRG330U Engine"; LFTB Contract 610/25/0.
Aug 86:García "One Decade Using Dedicated LPG in a Fleet of Trucks and Light Vehicles"; Proceedings, 1st International Gas Fuels for Transportation Conference, Vancouver.
Mar 86:García "One Decade using LPG in a Truck Fleet"; SAE (Austr) Annual Conference: "Fossil Fuels: End of an Era."
Sept 85:García "Safety issues concerning LPG in Automotive Applications;" presentation to Mechanical Engineering Group, IPENZ.
Oct 84:García Proceedings of the Alternatives to Diesel Conference, Te Awamutu.
Oct 84:García "LPG in Heavy Trucks"; Final Report to LFTB Contract 650/06/1.
Mar 83:Brown, García "LPG in a Local Authority Fleet;" Mechanical Engineering Group, IPENZ.