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"I take my hat off to the game's effortless hold on the imagination." (Metro, 1995)

Double Up Trivia
True False Trivia
Scratch & Win
Stop the Music!
Who Sung It?
Simon Says
Mel's Party House

"GOOD LUCK TO THE new casino when it opens, but nothing is going to tear me away from the high passions and low miseries of playing Double-Up Trivia."

"Double Up Trivia crackles with live excitement….. it's an outstanding work of avant-garde drama…. (a) mad little masterpiece of private broad-casting."


Compass Concepts was formed by four entrepreneurs in 1994, with the intent of developing new interactive products for delivery by telephone IVR.

Our brief was simple: focus on concept development only and outsource everything else; achieve maximum hold times and re-dial rates by offering unsurpassed on-line entertainment value. We chose to focus our efforts on contests and games of skill, specialising in use of audio-only content to create a unique caller engagement.

The commercial success of our efforts was immediate. As for the caller reactions? Just read the rave review in Metro magazine. (excerpt at right)

Compass' gaming IP is held in First Capital Ltd, which deploys the IP through selected international channels.

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Double Up Trivia

Double Up Trivia: Our high-stakes game, not for the faint-at-heart! Answer 3 questions to become a winner; then play us double-or-quits right up to $1000!

Read the rave review from Metro magazine

Double Up Trivia
True-False Trivia True-False Trivia: It's True! - It's easy to win $100 on the phone - just answer ten true false questions all right, or all wrong. True False Trivia

Hangman: The classic Hangman - escape the noose and win $$$ based on how quickly you solve our puzzle.

Hangman Word: A word version of Hangman in which you play for points; top scoreboard placements win the grand prize.

Who Sung It? Who Sung It? Win points using your music knowledge; top score winners win prizes each week and get their names advertised on the TV scoreboard. Who Sung It
Stop the Music Stop the Music: Win points using your music knowledge; top score winners win prizes each week and get their names advertised on the TV scoreboard. Stop The Music
Simon Says Simon Says: Copy the DTMF dial tone sequence to gain points. Longest correctly copied sequence wins the prize! Simon Says
Scratch & Win Scratch & Win: Answer three multi-choice questions to win a mystery prize.  
Biorhythms Biorhythms: Hear Dr Ed Martino's prognosis for your day.... Biorhythms
Mel's Party House

Mel's Party House: Join Mel and thousands of eligible "others" in a free-for-all phone-in party.... for the party animal who wants to stay home!


Party House