A group of children collaborate using a 2Touch whiteboard

Group-based learning can be experienced far more effectively when enabled by technologies such as large interactive surfaces and wireless personal responders.

Both of these technologies are well developed in technical terms, however the education sector lags far behind in its capacity to adapt teaching & learning processes to take advantage of the technology enabled opportunities.

I believe that there is a growing need for a support-led consultancy and coaching service, enabled by innovative field and application engineering.

I am far less interested in the technology per se, than I am in the development of new teaching and learning processes for exploiting these opportunities. This is a brave new world where software and social engineering meet. Keep a watch out for new developments!

2Touch interactive whiteboards

technology for education


In 2001 I began to actively invest in technologies which enhance education outcomes. My feeling was - and is - that this is an area in which I can make a very meaningful contribution to society.


My first step was to establish Manzana Limited to acquire an established audio visual technologies business, and through this introduce the new category of interactive whiteboards (iwb's) into New Zealand. By 2003 I was frustrated with the lack of progress and terminated that relationship, bringing Manzana - and myself - into an operational role as the importer and distributor for SMART Technologies Inc of Canada.

Manzana has been very successful in establishing iwb's in NZ, however no sooner were sales flourishing than SMART withdrew from the distribution arrangement to consolidate this into their Australian relationship.

Disappointed as I was in this, it did present me with the opportunity to explore new horizons. With colleague Karen Rolleston now in charge at Manzana, since 2007 I have focussed my efforts on developing an entirely new approach to IWB's - using NZ company Next Window's optical touch technologies.

Launching 2Touch has been stimulating and fun, and we are now delivering exciting new value to customers. IWB expansion is looming large in Australia and I have acquired an 80% share in Melbourne company Interactive Whiteboards Australia Pty Ltd, from whose Hawthorne offices we have launched and supported 2Touch's growth.


Interactive Whiteboards Australia Pty Ltd