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During Pablo Garcia's undergraduate engineering studies in 1981 he was recruited to project manage a government sponsored alternative fuels research contract. Over the 10 years that followed Pablo became an acknowledged international expert in the application of new fuels in large diesel engines. Initially working as a research engineer, he later directed a number of substantial international research projects; and led business development for a CHH consulting company leading the sector.

Selected highlights from this period follow:

R&D Projects   Collaborations   Publications
Pablo Garcia led the following projects which broke new territory in the NGV industry.   Actively networking around a global community of experts to achieve shared growth....   Disseminating knowledge to other centres of research around the world....

1988-92: Cummins NTC engine developed for gas fuel to 440bhp; field trials in Australia & Canada under extreme environmental conditions (-40 deg C tundra winter, +50 deg C desert).

1987-92: Renault MIPS turbocharged AC gas engine developed to 240bhp / 19 bar bmep; bus trials in Perth, WA with sponsorship of Renault Vehicules Industrielles.

1988-90: Mack R6 gas engine developed to 350bhp /17bar bmep; field trials in New Zealand.

981-87: Liquid Fuels Trust Board project: LPG & methanol fleet trials displacing diesel in trucks, buses & passenger vehicles.

The above is a small selection only of the 40+ different heavy vehicle projects undertaken by my team to substitute diesel with gas or alcohol fuels.


1993: Awarded SAS 1992 Exporter to Europe for conceiving and coordinating an industry joint action group targeting opportunities in southern Europe.

1989: French Government Technology Exchange participant Secondment to French engineering company GERES/Solagro of Toulouse spanning three months, during which time bio-fuel opportunities were identified for NZ and French participants. Several NZ firms continue to benefit from these today.

1987-90: Pollution abatement consulting & project management, Argentina & Chile commenced in 1987 with a bus demonstration promotion, and extended through 1990 with contribution to the air quality improvement programme initiated in Santiago by CNE.



1981-1992: 16 publications in international journals; presentations to large (300+) audiences in Vancouver, Baltimore, Paris, Gothenburg, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Auckland. Selected:

SAE 912359: "Laboratory and Field Experience with the Use of Natural Gas Fuel in Cummins NTC Series Engines"; Toronto.

SAE 912360: "Development of a Dedicated Knock Detection and Control System for Gas Engines"; Toronto.

NGV-90: "Laboratory and Field Experience with the Development for Natural Gas, LPG and Methanol of the Mercedes OM352 Engine"; Buenos Aires 1990.

SAE 892137: "Performance and Cyclic Variability of Natural Gas Fueled Heavy Duty Engines"; Baltimore.

Advisory Roles

1990-92: Founding Member, NZ-NGV Association

1987-88: NZERDC committee advising Government on gas fuels for transport in NZ (view publication)

1988-90: Member of alternative fuels advisory committees for MTA and GANZ. Member of Standards Assoc committee creating NZS5422.

1986: LFTB funded research in USA, Canada, France, Brazil


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Link here to the on-line reference library of the BC Research Centre for Alternative Transportation Fuels, at which several of the above abstratcs are published.