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2007-08: Formworx

In 2007, Manzana Limited started development of a form filling automation tool which would enable easy, standard based data collection using paper and ink on a clipboard. We believe that this will ease the way for a great many health care needs, particularly where using laptop or other computer technologies can be intrusive in a sensitive care or home setting.

The solution exploits a digital clipboard, which records an image of everything written and stores this in on board memory. The health worker uses standardised paper templates and completes these by hand. When later downloding the information, Manzana's Formworx software interprets the template and automatically extracts the image data from the various parts of the stored images, seperates these into prescribed fields, and provides the ability to easily save into a database. The facility can also provide handwriting recognition as well as drawing formalisation.


Formworx is clever software which allows easy and efficient standardised data collection without using a computer.
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2001-2005: Kairos Software Limited

In 2001 Pablo Garcia and David Hay invested in Wellington software company Kairos Software.
Kairos had developed an innovative keyboard usage monitoring and automation system for clients needing to manage risk of developing RSI or OOS.

Over several years this software was extensively developed to meet a range of needs including application monitoring across a network, activating automated processes upon detection of a specified condition.

Unfortunately the shareholders were ultimately unable to agree on how best to exploiut the potential of this solution, and as a result David and Pablo sold their share in the project to the other partners.


Kairos offered CoachWare and PC Beagle, automation software tools for coaching and monitoring computer users over large networks.


1996-98: Mana Group Limited

Pablo assembled and led the management buy out of leading NZ software supplier Mana Systems in February 1996. The MBO team's objective was to redirect the troubled company into a profitable vertical and position it for a trade sale.

Within 20 months Mana grew from minimal market presence to holding a 50% NZ market share in clinical software for primary health. Taking leadership in placing clinical systems on doctors' desktops combined with relentless focus on relationship management proved to be winning strategies.

True to the original MBO agreement, Mana's business assets were sold to Intrahealth Limited January 1998 in a competitive bidding situation.

The 1998 Mana Group website features MBO team profiles and the focus which contributed to this success story.


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