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Resumé 2001

Pablo García

New Zealand

Tel (pvt): (09) 480-9111
Mobile: (021) 664-674

Web : www.pablogarcia.com
e-Mail: pablo@pablogarcia.com

Executive Summary
Current Activities
  Task Technology
  Mana Group
  Game Development
  Fuels Expert
Personal Details



  • Equity and CEO role in an international technology business, to which I can apply creative thinking, strategic change management and visionary leadership.


  • Familiar with Software & IT, Telecommunications, Direct Response Advertising, Energy, Health industries
  • 2 years CEO for a significant international systems developer & supplier to global retail oil accounts.
  • 2 years Engineered MBO of leading NZ health industry software business; restructured & led into profitable operation; executed planned sale in 22nd month
  • 7 years Founded significant innovator & competitor in direct response advertising & telephone services
  • 2 years Consultant to senior management: marketing; mergers & acquisitions, process re-design, economic plans
  • 10 years Specialist engineer, wide international experience, extensive publishing; awarded SAS 1992 Exporter to Europe


  • Excellent assessor & promoter of new business concepts
  • Innovative, challenging; strong pro-change orientation
  • High initiative; standard setter; driven negotiator & facilitator


  • MBA; Master of Engineering (Mechanical)
  • Bi-lingual English & Spanish, dual (NZ/US) national


Since resigning from Task in March 2001 I have been exploring various opportunities involving equity participation as well as a focus for my executive skills where my experience and knowledge can be leveraged effectively.

The following projects are either underway or being considered. My mission over the next 3 to 6 months is to refine this list and any additional opportunities, to a focus on which to concentrate my energies.






Position: CEO

Company: Task Technology Limited

Period: Nov 1998 – Feb 2001

Task Technology is a world leading supplier of retail automation systems to the oil industry, and has established operations in Europe and Asia.

Under my leadership Task envisaged & developed a services-led high growth strategy. In my first year we re-established contractual relationships, strengthening service processes in support and project engineering, and establishing an internet enabled services backbone. In my second year I championed the development of an ASP offering to deliver Task’s IP through a new revenue and relationship model.

Shareholder and Board participated in the aggressive integration of the wider group of companies, with ultimate success immediately before my departure.

My resignation from Task was prompted by my determination to refocus my efforts on equity opportunities.

Selected Achievements:

  • Re-visioned Task, from traditional software and systems product vendor, into internet enabled service business.
  • Re-focused services businesses trading at 30% higher revenue levels than in 1998 with growth sustainable
  • R-invigorated innovation processes at Task: established technology horizons, competencies, infrastructure to serve vision.
  • Two new international channel relationships signed within 6 months of commencement.


Position: Chairman & Managing Director

Company: Mana Group of companies

Period: 1996 - 1998

An acquisition, turn-around, re-vision and trade-sale project of 22 months duration from plan through execution.

Mana Systems was a financially distressed software services house with a deep dependence on a twilight account. I was recruited to manage the business in late 95 through a period of falling revenues and financial insolvency. I assembled an MBO team in early 96, formed a new vision for the business, and led the team through its execution.

During my involvement Mana Group became a leading software supplier to both general practice and hospitals in New Zealand, securing from a zero-start the strongest market share in clinical systems.

The company established itself uniquely in a vital strategic position, facilitating the eventual integration of primary and secondary health care systems.

Mana was sold in 1998 to merge with another medical systems provider.

Selected Achievements:

  • Engineered & led MBO in Feb 96, objective of restructuring & improving the business for re-sale within 24 months
  • Restructured, re-staffed & re-positioned the business, implementing the market strategy leading to national market leader plus dominant player in key Auckland market
  • Reversed heavy trading losses into profits within 12 months; returned capital through share buy-backs in 2nd year
  • Identified highest value future revenue stream, as yet un-tapped, and positioned business in readiness.
  • Negotiated sale in Jan 98, 22 months after MBO


Position: Director & CEO

Company: Compass Concepts / Point to Point Communications / First Capital

Period: 1994 - present

Compass / PTP was formed as a direct response marketing concept developer. The company specialised in creating innovative, high-involvement interactive audio products. This field is novel and presents unique challenges to the consumer marketer as well as exercising creative talent.

Launching our first dial-up game in early 1994 to great success (Double Up Trivia), we developed a number of further successful telephone gaming products, and quickly grew to become the dominant competitor in this field.

A spin-off company (First Capital Ltd) was formed to develop a promising international call business. PTP ceased operations in NZ in 1999 to permit its directors to concentrate on other business activities; IP associated with First Capital has recently been signed into a joint venture with an international calling card provider. The newly formed JV launched operations in May 2001.

Selected Achievements:

  • Developed business from zero-base start into multi-million dollar turnover.
  • Co-designed & launched New Zealand’s most successful telephone gaming products.
  • Re-launched along new path leveraging IP & using strategic partnerships for operations & international exposure.

Position: Business & Management Consultant

Company: Pablo Garcia & Company Ltd

Period: 1993- 1996

Assignments with various clients. Particularly active in marketing strategy and mergers & acquisitions. Selected clients & achievements included:

Mana Systems Ltd 1994-95

Duty Free Shoppers NZ Ltd 1993-95

Transport Fuel Systems Ltd 1995: Facilitated MBO from CHH

Medical Computer Services Ltd 1994: Business Appraisal; negotiated sale

South Waikato District Council 1993: District Economic Development study

Position: Business Development Manager / Senior Research Engineer

Company: Carter Holt Harvey

Period: 1987-92

Transport Fuel Systems (subsidiary of CHH) provided project services internationally in fuels and bio-energy research & application, and engine emissions reduction.

Was 2-IC in business. Managed key accounts relationships, directed R&D & operations activities. Personally managed many projects in Australia, Canada, Chile, Argentina, France, including several international OEM relationships (Renault, Mack, Cummins).

Championed & negotiated acquisition of Tartarinini agency. Responsible for growth & profitability. Doubled revenues & market share over 3 years. Grew from 30% of TFS revenues in 91, to 70% in 93.


Position: Research Engineer

Company: Waipa County Council / Liquid Fuels Trust Board (Contractor)

Period: 1981-87

Selected Achievements

1981 – 1992:

  • Personally recognised internationally as prime mover in NGV industry; established as consultant & speaker. 10 significant publications in international journals.
  • Awarded "1992 SAS EXPORTER TO EUROPE"
  • Seconded 1989 to French biofuels specialist under French Government award scheme.
  • Established dominant supplier of NGV equipment to the domestic industry. Sales increased by 110% over 3 year period.



Management Style

I prefer an enabling approach in which I collaborate with peers and provide them with wide latitude to achieve shared goals. My team finds that I challenge pre-conceptions and formulae, while rapidly embracing efficient practices. I accelerate change while reserving energy for focus points. I am often described as visionary, challenging, demanding and stimulating.

Personality Profiles

OPQ Concept 5.2, June 1993

This profile emphasises a strong achievement orientation and competitive spirit.

Underlying optimism, high tolerance for stress and ambiguity, and toughness consistent with championing of change & new concepts. Thinking style is data rational and behavioural, with strong preferences for innovation, change and avoidance of convention or tradition.

Strong intellectual curiosity complements a high appreciation of arts and culture. Strong independence is balanced by a consultative approach to decision making.

Margerison - McCann Team Management System, Jan 92 & Aug 00

Role preferences likely to enable best contribution to high performance teams:

Primary preference "Explorer-Promoter", Secondary preferences "Creator-Innovator", "Assessor-Developer".

In a group environment I tend to be the contributor most likely to seek out and sell to others new ways of achieving results, and groups tend to rely on my creative outputs as well as on my analytical contributions.

Management Aptitude Tests

SHL Management Aptitude Test, June 1993

Scored better than 96% of NZ managers in both verbal (VA1) and numeric (NA2) Saville Holdsworth Ltd aptitude tests.

General Management Admission Test (GMAT), January 1992

Total score 680 ranks above 96% of applicants to international management schools. Verbal skills are above 97% of applicants.

Personal Background

I am a NZ/US dual national of Spanish extraction. Married to Linda, we have three children aged 9, 8 and 7. My interests are wide and varied and include:

· Extensive reading including classics; Spanish & Latin American; art, history, business

· Hobbies: Photography, modeling, computing & internet; practical aptitude applied to mechanical & electronics projects, also carpentry

· Recreation: Tramping, cycling, scuba diving, sailing, overseas travel.